A Prelimary Investigation Into Final Cut Pro

My last post got me really fired up about software and hardware, and what types of software and hardware I want to use with this movie.

I would very much like to edit this movie on Final Cut Pro. In the past, I’ve used Adobe Premiere Pro, which is what I trained on back in college. In order to get Final Cut Pro, though, I will need to get a Mac.

On Friday, I went to The Apple Store at Eastview Mall to inquire about Mac and FCP. It took me a couple of minutes to get an Apple Store Employee’s attention, but when I did, I asked if FCP would work on a Mac Book. He said it would work, but the big issue would be space. I told him that I had not purchased either item, but was just doing some preliminary investigation. And as it happens, they’re discontinuing the Macbook. Given the RAM that FCP requires, though, he suggested I purchased the Macbook Pro, which retails at $1799.

Ouch! Anyway, while I was there, I did spy a 21.5″ iMac retailing at $1199. I think my six-year-old Dell PC is about to bite the dust, so this is worth looking into. The problem is, where can I find the money?

On a non-software note, I would like to congratulate Hammer to Nail editor Michael Tully and Sarasota Film Festival programmer Holly Herrick on their nuptials. May you two have a long and happy life together!

For the music portion of this blog post, I’m going to leave you with two brilliant Steve Reich parodies. Steve Reich just celebrated his 75th birthday. Enjoy!:


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