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Career Options, Part 2

July 23, 2011

The last time I was on unemployment, I didn’t own a car. Last summer, shortly after I got hired at my last job, my 92 year old grandmother fell ill, and could no longer drive. I came into her car. I pay for the car insurance and gas. Recently, I was stiffed with a $276 bill to replace the brake pads and rotors. Ouch! Even though I make $55 more a week than I did the last time I was on unemployment, a lot of it gets eaten up by the car and other regular expenses, like my credit card bill. In order for me to do certain goals, I may need to go back to work sooner rather than later.

I’ve been looking for ways to make some money either to 1.) extend unemployment or 2.) Get off unemployment completely. I’ve been looking for work as required of my unemployment, but I fear that I’ll have to do another customer service job. I would like a job where I can make more money and is more fulfilling for me personally. I’d like to do Administrative Assistant work, and I’ve even had interviews for this position. I know I’m capable of handling the job, but I wonder if people are willing to take a chance on me in this economy. So I’m starting to look at other options. I’m going to post the options I’ve been exploring as installments, so that you, the reader, won’t get bored. First option after the jump.



On the Eve of my 30th Birthday

July 19, 2011

Okay, I have to do one final blog post before I turn 30 tomorrow. Because of my special birthday, I’ve been lying low in terms of working on my project. I think I deserve it.

Over the weekend, I read Cathy Erway’s The Art of Eating In. While I’m not completely broke right now, I probably should not be spending so much eating out. I read the book to understand how she buckled down for two years (!) and (mostly) ate outside of restaurants.

Reading the book gave me an idea for raising money for this movie. I’m not going to tell you what the idea is, not only because I don’t want anybody stealing my idea, but also, I need to work out the logistics of it. Recently, Sophia Takal (director of Green) recently held a fundraiser for her next collaboration with her fiancĂ©, Lawerence Michael Levine, and The L Magazine wrote about it. I would like to do a Kickstarter and/or IndieGoGo Fundraiser as well, but I think it’s best to explore different options.

Meanwhile, for my last blog post of my twenties, I’ll leave you with this video from Kalup and Franco. Gawker blasted it, and Beck basically made the same album twelve years ago, but they look like they’re having fun. I have the song on my IPod.


July 11, 2011

I’d like to take a few minutes and talk about the phrase “manpanda”. It’s a phrase that I’m probably going to use more than once on this blog, so I should probably define what a manpanda is.

A manpanda is a guy who’s generally not nice to women, or a serial seducer. The phrase “manpanda” is a whimisical way of calling a guy a cad, or a womanizer. Famous manpandas throughout history include Henry VIII, Casanova, JFK, a pre-Annette Bening Warren Beatty, Pablo Picasso, Roman Polanski, Jack Nicholson, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Gene Simmons. Current manpandas in the news would include Anthony Weiner, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The etymology of the phrase “manpanda” comes from the video “Drunk Girls”, made by the band LCD Soundsystem. My friend Eileen had heard the song on the NPR program World Cafe Live, and her, my friend Rebecca, and myself have been using the phrase ever since. I’ve put a link to video below, and watch how the behavior of the manpanda evolves.