Career Options

Ted Hope recently tweeted that his most read post since moving his blog over to IndieWire was a post titled, “A ‘Career’ In Indie Film? Better Have That Second Job Lined Up…“. The crux of the post is basically this: whereas once you could sustain a living as an independent filmmaker, you now need to have a “day job”.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I got laid off back in February. One of the ups of being laid off was that my co-workers and I were approved for Trade Act Funding. One of our trainers at my last job busted his ass to have us all approved for this. Thus, the progress of this project has been delayed by thoughts of, “Where do I go from here?” At the risk of being self-indulgent, I really don’t want to be working at just above minimum wage for the rest of my life. It would be nice to have something to fall back on that would allow me to support myself, be independent, and be able to continue on this lovely path of making movies.

I’ve been considering enrolling in an online program through a community college. I have been told that as long as the school I’ve been enrolled in is on the state-approved training list (which I’m sure the schools I’m looking at are), I should be able to enroll in a program. The problem is, according to the information that was sent to me, the deadline to be enrolled in training is October 21, 2011. (I believe that means that I’d likely have to be enrolled for the fall semester, but I am going to double check on this.) The late deadline for SXSW (if this does get shot this year) is November 15, 2011. New training and making a movie are both investments in my future. I know what the rational answer to this question is, but I know where my heart is.

Also, I’ve been looking for someone in the Finger Lakes area who might be willing to spare a lakeside cottage for two or three weeks while I work on this project. I feel like I need a change of scene while I wrap up a crucial leg of this project, a place where I can get away from distractions. I would even be willing to go home on the weekends if you use the cottage then. I would be willing to pay for the basic utilities, or do something in exchange (mow the lawn, feed a pet, etc.). To see more details and what locations I’m looking for, check out my Craigslist posting.

I will be heading down to New York on June 17th, and leaving the 21st. Thursday Night (6/9), I am doing a free screening of Tiny Furniture at a community facility. Let’s hope this goes well. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this killer song by EMA:


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  1. Career Options: Resolved « Questions? Comments? Concerns??? Says:

    […] I’ve been spending the last few weeks getting enrolled at Morrisville State College in an online program called “Office Technology”. Once I complete this program, I hope to find work as an Administrative Assistant or a Bookkeeper. This hopefully solves the question, “What will I do for a living?” […]

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