Fans, Friends, and Followers

Earlier tonight, I finished reading Scott Kirsner’s Fans, Friends, and Followers. I was going to write another long, elaborate review about the book. It was a very resourceful book, and I got a lot of valuable advice. But I’m at a point where I want to move beyond how to put myself out there.

Meanwhile, Children Of Invention, a movie I blogged about a few days ago, is up as a rental on YouTube this week for $3.99. I watched it last night, and I really enjoyed it. YouTube also has a few other Sundance selections up for rental, including Bass Ackwards (whose distribution fundraiser I also contributed to), and One Too Many Mornings. With the premieres of movies like Lovers of Hate, Howl, and Cyrus, and the NEXT showcase, I sincerely wish I was in Park City right now.

Maybe next year.


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