Children Of Invention’s DIWO Distribution

With the help of Variance Films, director Tze Chun and producer Mynette Louie are engineering a theatrical release for their feature, Children of Invention. Even though self distribution can be cumbersome and a costly venture, here’s why they’ve opted to do this:

Yes, we might be crazy. Perhaps all of those traditional distributors who passed on our film were right–perhaps we are indeed a “tough sell” in this horrible climate for indie film (read more about this in our DIY Manifesto). And yet, why did we sell out our festival screenings in Boston, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, DC, Cleveland, Denver, Sarasota, Vancouver, Woodstock, and Sundance? And why do people come up to us after our Q&As to buy DVDs of the film they just saw? Sure, festival audiences are different, but we’re being “brave” (as Ted Hope recently called us), and betting that “regular” audiences will want to see our film on the big screen too.

And yes, a theatrical release is very hard work, but the major critics and press will not review your film unless you have a commercial theatrical release. And without this important coverage, our little film will fade away into oblivion.

Prove those distributors wrong by donating to their fundraiser. Today I donated $5. You may be able to donate more.


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