If Not This Time

This morning, I went down to the Workforce Office. I was told that I have fifteen weeks left on my unemployment, and since I re-applied in October, I will not be eligible for an extension. In other words, I need to find a job. While it doesn’t mean that I have to put it on hold (just yet), there was another project that I was hoping to launch this weekend, and I may have to put that on hold. I’m not that upset about it, as I figured it was likely.

Last weekend, I heard a really great song on a local NPR program devoted specifically to psychedelic music. The song was called “If Not This Time” by Fifty Foot Hose:

As I have planned the movie right now, I think it would be a nice fit. However, this may change as other collaborators come aboard. While Fifty Foot Hose is obscure compared to Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead, the song is 40 years old–it’s still different than getting an upstart band to let them use one of their songs for little or no money.

Another song I’d like to use is a song by the band Broadcast. This isn’t the song I want to use, but it comes from the album that this song comes from:

Thomas Crowell’s The Pocket Lawyer For Filmmakers says that I will have to obtain four different licenses in order to put music in the movie: a synchronization license, a Master Use license, a performance license, and a videogram license. And according to the link I just posted, it looks like I may need digital clearances as well.

Ouch! Medicine For Melancholy and The Puffy Chair used already existing music (read: not recorded specifically for the movie) for their films, so I thought that it may be a possibility for mine, too. Who knows? I’m prepared for anything.


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